WellNovation is a GCC-focused healthcare incubator headquartered in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, with offices in Dubai and Minnesota.

Our goal is to establish partnerships and create new businesses that: help address critical gaps in the healthcare system; better integrate care; and expand access to quality services.  We are committed to combining the most advanced science, technology, and clinical protocols with innovative commercial structures, such as public private partnerships, to address some of the fundamental healthcare challenges in the GCC, enabling the region to “leapfrog” more established health systems.

Funded by a pool of private investors, WellNovation deploys private capital in collaboration with public and/or private providers to drive the adoption of new healthcare services to improve the availability and quality of care in the region.

Our team includes globally recognized healthcare leaders, technologists, and strategists.  Together, we help policy makers, providers, and payors think big and drive healthcare innovation that will enable everyone in the region to live healthier, more complete lives.


We are currently working to set up screening programs using new technologies to detect diseases earlier, more accurately, and in a more cost-effective way.

Our new venture will use cutting edge screening technologies and clinical protocols to diagnose a wide range of diseases at earlier and earlier stages, thereby simplifying treatment, improving the chance of survival, and reducing the cost of care.


New business incubation
GCC healthcare systems
Technology assessment
Health economics
Market entry strategy