Our Partners

Samsung SDS

Samsung SDS Genomics has an analytical tool that computationally analyzes DNA sequencing data from a patient’s tumor, or a subject’s blood sample, to identify disease-related genetic variations. Our partnership with Samsung SDS focuses on assessing genetic variations so that medical staff can more effectively prevent, diagnose, and treat diseases, including cancers and genetic disorders. One of the key attributes of Samsung SDS Genomics is the ability to identify clinically actionable, inherited (germline) pathogenic ...

Saudi Cancer Society

Founded in 2004, the Saudi Cancer Society is a nonprofit organization that provides support to those suffering from cancer across the Kingdom, while seeking to also minimize the spread of the disease. In addition to the provision of social support services, the Society is the driving force behind: national and local cancer awareness programs, scientific research aimed at fighting the root causes of various cancers, bolstering Saudi Arabia’s database of cancer-related statistics, and other critical research areas.

Gamma Medica

Gamma Medica is a U.S.-based company that provides molecular breast imaging (MBI) technology developed by the Mayo Clinic and commercialized by Gamma Medica, MBI is a type of functional imaging that relies on the biochemical and physiological features of tumors to detect breast cancer, rather than the visual features revealed via mammography. MBI is a highly accurate, easy to use technology that produces images that can be interpreted quickly.

We seek to transform healthcare across Saudi Arabia and the GCC by establishing screening programs that use novel technologies to detect diseases earlier, more accurately, and in a more cost-effective manner so as to deliver better patient outcomes.